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Full Version: Edison Scandal Continues
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The edison scandal is now being held in trial all the way over in Canada (Another retarded mistake by the HK government, but I won't complain about it here). It made the news with Perez! Haha.
hmm... don't get you.. what mistake? i thought it is Edison's request?
^Yeah but why is the hk govt paying for it o.0
LOL @ the "Perv"
Poor Edison... but he's so dumb for taking it to repair without checking if he has "private stuff" on it
I have nothing against Edison nor am I a big fan or any of the sort. This is just what I think. The person that went into Edison's personal files and leaked the screenshots/pics should be on trial instead of Edison Chen. All the victims knew and allowed Edison to record their sexual acts, so it was consented. Its not like he put a gun to their heads and force them to strip and whatever else they did. Edison should also be the victim here too.
^I think that's what their trialing. He has to give evidence they were actually his photos first?
rofl.. yeah.. it definitely seems like the 2 parties involved both consented.. since they are looking at the camera.. but oh wells..
Yep Edison is a victim too,but a stupid one, and you pay the price for stupidity all the time in life Big Grin
ops! he didn't even empty the trash?? hahaha...
i think it's also stupid to turn the whole thing into a global event sort of... (but that helps getting him in hollywood? said the girls suffered enough, but he's kind of making them suffer even more by bringing it overseas?) even if stuff from the recycle bin gets deleted, there's still ways to bring them back. you'd have to drill holes into the hdd to kill it. (read it somewhere) i also think edison is a "victim" of this, but that doesn't make him a very decent person still since he's n-timing all these girls. *shrugs*
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