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Full Version: Vivian Chow,Ah Sa,Hins, and a DJ went to Nepal to visit the poor and got sick
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NOTE: The situation wasn't as serious as it was first thought....but there's no way of knowing 100% sure until maybe a few days after they recooperate.

[Image: th_15702195.jpg]

**No Picture has been released for Vivian and Charlene yet, only Hins Cheng

Translated by: DBSJBYJERRY @
Source: SoHu news

The Sohu entertainment news reported according to Hong Kong media after Charlene Choi (ah Sa), Vivian Chow, Hins Cheng, and (DJ) Zhang Jingxuan went to Nepal to visit last Wednesday they all were infected with serious vomit and has high fever and so on symptoms, yesterday ah Sa and Vivian returned to Hong Kong, namely under the staff escorted to seek medical help at the hospital, because symptom was similar to dysentery, but the situation was worrying.

Journalist yesterday called EEG to get further understanding of the ah Sa's situation, her manager acknowledged that she is acclimatized: "may have eatten something unclean, or Ah Sa has a sensitive stomach, so it might have turned into this, after she returned to Hong Kong she immediately saw a doctor, it helped to strive for peace in the mind!" As for Vivian, Ni Zhen, her husband message was :"she has seen her doctor, much safer now. " Hin Cheng and his assistant did not had these symptoms but most people expressed and explained they had fever after departure they were unacquainted with the severe cold.

Although Ah Sa, who said the situation has improved, the organizers took the matter very seriously, the spokesman said: "Right now I know, Ah Sa and Vivian were on machines before returning to Hong Kong, both has gastroenteritis, and first thing after returning was to see Doctors. The Doctors perscribed medicine for them then they went home, they are not hospitalized. We will find out about what happened because we do not feel uncomfortable with this situation, and if we don't know future arrangement may also encounter such events, we must prevent it. We are certainly apologetic! In fact, the General Assembly has tried to arrange some of the more clean food for everyone, but it definitely didn't look like it help. "

Even though ah Sa is suffering from the illness, ah Sa didn't thought it was a big problem, she said this trip is very meaningful, not only did they help children from poor families, but experience the local people's working life, and taught villagers to cook nutritious meals (exchange of receipes). Ah Sa more personally even feed malnourished children and, she and Vivian took time to visit local children, raise their spirit, and play games with them. They also brought new clothes for the children, and Vivian did haircuts to help raise money for the children, the scene was very warm.

Viruses can be induced by cholera

Ah Sa, Vivian, Hins, DJ were in Nepal with diarrhea, fever, abdominal pain and other symptoms, said Dr. Li Jiaren, viral gastroenteritis. He said this can be caused by a variety of viruses, the most common is the Norwalk virus, rotavirus, Escherichia coli and Salmonella 菌等disabilities, severe can cause cholera. He suggested that when they go out to pay special attention to diet: "to travel is the peak of infection, because to go to unfamiliar places, we do not have the resistance of local people, are more vulnerable to bacterial infection. The best drinking water must be boiled and sea food must be cooked well to prevent cold food deprivation."
omg.. that's bad.. hpoe they get well soon.. and hope it wasnt too bad
Thanks for the news, Qoo. It's nice of Vivian, Hins, Charlene and the DJ to visit the Nepalese and try to help them, so it's a shame that they got infected with the disease. I hope they'll make a full recovery, very soon. Here are some pics that are related to this news article, that have been posted here:

[Image: 15702193savs1.jpg]

[Image: 15702199vives5-300x255.jpg]

[Image: 15702197vivhk4-300x199.jpg]

A bigger version of the Hins pic:
[Image: 15702195hinsze1-265x300.jpg]
the illness must be pretty severe...hope they get well soon!
*points* that charlene on a wheelchair picture is from some time ago~
Omg poor things >< got sick for going over to help people><
njiteb Wrote:*points* that charlene on a wheelchair picture is from some time ago~

njiteb, when was that photo taken and why was she in hospital?