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Full Version: JUSTIN New Movie with Stephy
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Justin is finally paired up with Stephy in a new movie made by Gold Label (i think). Its called "Love Connected" Awesome movie. Justin looks pretty nice in there and stephy...just ok...Features G.E.M. Toby Liang, Kay Tse.
^loll how ccan it be awesome already...unless uve watched it...links?
Features GEM?? zomgggg
dont tell me this is a pic of the movie then:
[Image: n526065393_5209743_4228.jpg]
I found a trailer on youtube for this movie! looks interesting too~
^yup that photo is from the movie, looks bad to be honest...they made teh trailer bad...looks like its more kay and stephy than stephy and justin
wth.. linda used to be featured in this kind of films.. stupid gemmmmmmmmmmm..

but anyway.. gold label movies are seriously boring.. most of the plots are being reused again and again.. the 2 that i watched.. it was so predictable.. and haha.. the reason why i watched it was cuz of linda.. LOL
^ yeah that's true
but this one.. I would be interested to watch it cos it has Kay! gonna be my first time seeing her act!
lol qoo just cos there's only a split second of gem ..
^ does look bad....which means its really bad cuz it also includes gem...the story from the preview looks bad
Okay we get the point Rolleyes
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