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Full Version: Cho Lam Outdoing Leo Ku
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summary: most of the other newcomers that sang with the more-experienced singers were not as good.. but cho lam's voice had practically masked leo's.. after the show, even leo said that cho lam was good, esp form the audience's response..
oohhh, does anyone have the clip?
WaterWonders Wrote:oohhh, does anyone have the clip?

lol it was a cool thing done by tvb...really wished gem could sing...but i guess she was slated to sing later on....or that box really was
i liked leo better....
thanks Qoo!!! lol, very nice, the other singers were clapping along ^^
haha, cho lam's performance that night with leo was pretty spectacular..
im surprised tvb didn't give him an award...
^ yeah! thought he would get one of the newcomers.. cuz he apparently has a lot of fans too.. oh wells.. another rig by tvb?
Cho Lam only just came out at the end of the year and he already got an award from jsg 3rd season. They don't have that many awards to give out to their own people Rolleyes

omg qoo tell me about it, I so wanted GEM to sing!
^ haha at least GEM got newcomer female gold! tvb didnt rig that... hmm Leo's voice suits this song more...
i also like leo's singing better...
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