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Full Version: Janice-Cloudy Vacation
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her new song; haven't heard a lot from her recently, but this is definitely a very good song.


as an added bonus, i add in G.E.M.'s new song.

G.E.M. - Where Did You Go\
Oh this Janice song is a remake of a popular jpop song called Endless Story sang by Yuna Ito from the movie NANA Smile
this song also has a mando version sang by amei's sister

i heard janice's version first and i currently like the jap version more, but janice's version is growing on me with each listen...haha

her new album is coming out this week!! (finally..haha)
Snowy is being biaseddd we all know u love Janice la xP
I miss Janiceeee. I like Janice more than Jill ^^