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i was looking at the ent section of the chinese newspaper, and i saw joey's name (in chinese) in a part talking about kelly's concert right, so i asked my mom what it says (cuz i can hardly read chinese, but joey's name is one of those 50 words i can read, haha), and there was a bomb threat that said that if kelly shakes hands with fans, the bomb would explode! so the police evacuated all the very front row section ppl and the celebs sitting in the VIP section. the celebs that went that night included Joey (with Mrs. Yung), Miriam, and miki and thersea from cookies. when joey was told to leave, she didnt even know what was happening, miriam quickly ran to the car picking her up, and miki and thersea didnt even wait for their car and called the taxi. luckily this was onli a prank, the funny thing was that kelly did not even know and shook hands with the audience, haha

luckily this was not the night i went, haha


OMG, that's scary :eek:
oohhhh! it's really scary. lucky thing nothing happened. if not..............!!
haha poor kelly, so funny miriam ran to her car and they got taxis, how selfish


of course, miriam would want joey to be left behind :devil:
bomb threat?, who would want to bomb all those good singers!!!!!!!
well.............someone with a bad heart i guess. i agree with wayne that they are all selfish. this really show their true self. bad, bad people!



When survival is at stake, most tend to forget all forms of that english word call selflessness Rolleyes and go for their own survival.

Anyways, haha what a prank Rolleyes and the evacuaters didn't even tell Kelly Rolleyes
HAa hjoey wouldnt've got blown up! Shes indestrucible! aaah, my joey.... :indestructiblejoey:
haha! yeah! kelly is the main person and the centre of attraction...........and one informed her!
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