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Full Version: Mario and Princess
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OMG...this is funny :laugh2:

might be alittle explicit :naughty:

so enter at ur own risk :evil:

dont blame me Angel


JN you dodo, thats the mind trick thing that makes u say carrot if your normal Rolleyes


LOL! oops...let me edit it...hahahaha


now go des..go go go~
lol that was funny pervo


LOL, ahahahahahaha, poor mario...

So jn, is this what you look for in your free time?


i gave a pre-warning but u went to see it anyway..hrmm perv urself!

nah..i just happened to come across and thought u guys would like it, arent i nice to u all *RE* Angel
AHah i cant even see it coz my comp is so shit! in like 5 mins, the loading bar went up 1 segment thingy! Oh well, its from newgrounds, so its nothing i probably havent seen at school...


...i feel da beginning of da video...i was like all ready to play...i had my fingers on da arrows of my keyboard and da space button...but den i realized dat ur suppose 2 WATCH da video...not play thought u can actualli play it cuz in da beginning u had to press da space bar to
man...i shouldn't have trust links from own si mui...LOL

dw moo...i thought i was suppose to play also...ahahahaah


lol ur si mui is like the "new generation" so she is already corrupted, sifu can't do nothing about that >.>
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