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Full Version: Dec 24, 2004 / Joey Performs With 200 Cellists
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Joey attended World Cellists Christmas Performance Special in the arrival hall of the HK International Airport and this event attracted a large crowd of spectators. Under the leadership of Lee Chui Yee, 200 young cellists performed and Joey sung several Christmas songs as well as her new song Chihuahua.

Joey who constantly goes in and goes out of the airport, thus joked that when she returned here, it feels like it's her second home.During her performance, the music suddenly stopped. Joey says: "Thank goodness I managed to save myself. During rehearsal, no problem occured. An incident like this also happened not long, it's like it's testing my memory ability. I had to remember wchich part I'm singing! " Joey is very satisfied with the cellos accompanying her during her songs and hopes to include an orchestra in her concert.

Today is Christmas Eve and Joey revealed she has bought more than 50 presents for friends and family. Some of the receivers of her Christmas present includes EEG boss, Albert Yeung, her mum and manager Mani Fok.

[Image: 24ec2p4.jpg] [Image: 24ec2p5.jpg] [Image: 20041224fp03y.JPG] [Image: 1224enew04b1.jpg]

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wahah first post -_-;;

Wonder why they performed at the airport -_-...