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Full Version: [old clip] Happy Birthday HOCC 2005 (Youtube)
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JOEY?????D?????HOCC ?? VICKY ??JOEY??????

2005 old clip. A bunch of stars wishes happy birthday to Denise Ho including Joey at 5:17 mins. HOCC's assistant Vicky imitates Joey's message.
This clip has been posted in JG ages ago Rolleyes
Thanks for the clip, Ray! The memory of old farts like me isn't very good so, even if I've watched this clip before, I've probably forgotten about it! Quite a few funny bits in this clip, including Joey's part.

No.16, I always find you very attractive, every time you roll your eyes! LOL
er.. yeah it's been posted before.. but thx..
i am a JG newb (Rolleyes) and i've never seen this before, so thanks jyf.
:baby: ^^ Yeah i am newb to JG too so forgive me for reposting clips. But there's no harm in doing so because there always seems to be ppl that haven't seen them; especially if it's posted ages ago.
I am not a newb, but I haven't seen this before LOL
newbs.. i might be able to explain that.. cuz you are blind.. haha.. jkjk..
oh OUCH! did you hear that newbs?!

*re-grabs the knife*

now we DEFINATELY have a reason to kill her!

Jay! quickly! make the tomb!!! bwhahaha, everyone prepare the hymns!! Tongue
LOL. She already got a tombstone! Rsung killed her, but seems like she's resurrected o.o

Actually I haven't seen a lot of those Joey clips on youtube. So its a good idea posting them again ^^
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