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Full Version: Raymond Lam's new song
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I think the typhoon in HK makes the network sucks. I guess it would be a good song and actually I like his voice Big Grin
I was gonna post this ages ago but couldn't be bothered LOL
Are those good versions of the song?
well.. i only found this.. and oh my.. i'm addicted to this song.. so nice.. too bad i'm not gonna watch DOL yet..
they played the song again in episode 19!!!

it's one of his best songs so far
Thnx for sharing it!
i heard the song first time on Global Rhythm yesterday. i actually didnt think it was that good..
but thx for the links candy!
thx for the links candy! but can anyone upload the full thing~~
The closest I got to is the full song but pretty crap quality..
that's an improvement.. lol.. i only got the mv rips.. tried so many links.. but still dun have..
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