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Full Version: [vid] Miss HK 2007 TVB (Full)
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[HDzone] Miss Hong Kong 2007 (TVB)

I downloaded this via torrent and uploaded this. Although the contestants aren't great this year, the show is entertaining nevertheless. It's a high cost production as it is every year and features a performance by Kate Tsui x Raymond Lam as well as a brief appearance of the past ten Miss HK pageant winners. I really enjoyed the music - I thought that was the highlight of the show. The stage was nice too, it had some nice backdrops which changed throughout the evening. The hosts were quite funny and they had regular outfit changes.

Language: Cantonese (duh)
Length: 2 hours

Note: This is a split archive containing a single RMVB file (633 MB). You must download all 3 parts to the same directory before extracting.

Part 1 (214 MB)
Part 2 (214 MB)
Part 3 (202 MB)

haha.. someone's pissed... thx jyf...
thx ray! i finally got rar to work on my comp for awhile. Smile
Hi! can someone reupload the link to part 2 bc the one posted does not work anymore. i'm so sorry, I've just joined this forum and so I missed it when it was first posted but i really want to see raymond and Kate's performance!! thanks!
yeah that was the only good bit in the whole show Tongue
lol.. true.. there was raymond.. but not kate.. eee... dun like kate..
at least she wasn't ribby like half the chic artists
Does anyone have any previous Miss HK? Preferably 2003 where Mandy Cho won it or in 2004 where Kate Tsui won it? Thanks!