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Full Version: Stephy Tang - 愛與痛的邊緣
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a new song from stephy me thinks... being a major stephy fan =P


lol... there's such a lack of feeling.

there's a few phrases that were ok, but most of the song was lack of expression, to the point of lack of a song.

if she sang a different song it might not be so obvious, but she sang Faye's song... too obvious of a difference.
Thanks for the audio clip, Jay! ?????? is one of my favourite Faye songs so I was interested to hear how Stephy's version will sound. Even though I'm not a big fan of her, I think some of her songs are quite good.

In some parts of the song, Stephy's voice sounds a little bit like Faye and doesn't sound too bad. However, I still prefer Faye's version because I like her voice more and also the way she sings it. I guess there's a little bit of pressure on Stephy when singing this classic song since she's going to be compared with Faye.
i like this song! but not stephy's version. i prefer the original and this live version by kelly:
big difference from the real one.....i agree, its one more dissapointing song from stephy....despite being her fan......
I find Stephy's version ok, her voice is so soothing (to me)
lol.. thx for sharing all the links.. never heard the original one before.. so.. haha..
spoiledbrat Wrote:i like this song! but not stephy's version. i prefer the original and this live version by kelly:

Thanks for the Kelly song, Spoiledbrat! Yeah, I quite liked Kelly's version and I thought she sang it quite well. I've just remembered that Alan Tam also sang this song in his 2004 album which I like as well but that's probably because I'm a massive fan of his.
pretty good....never heard of this song before :o
same, I've never heard of this song before :o i'll listen to it once i have access to my computer
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