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Full Version: real players new player
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if you haven't already, download the new real lets you download mvs or other media from sites and other places for free!

that means that new mv on youtube from a recent post....downloaded directly...i dunno i find it cool

website: click on download realplayer(beta)
cool.. then i don't have to go through MU?? er.. haha.. is it?? sounds cool.. thx for the info!!
yeah, but its still in beta, and it has like....a million bugs lol. And with my vista, which is already not risking anything XD
^i have vista, and im using it, no bugs so far, i even used real to see otfb! lol
i use real alternative... i refuse to use the actual real player program. >=[
yeah! boycotte the monopolisers......any one using a product from microsoft here? Shame on you >=D. oh wait.....nvm =D
lol what's wrong with long as it's the best product out there

and it's actually an oligopoly, runned by microsoft and apple and linux
doesn't oligo mean like 10? that's what oligosaccharides mean..