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Full Version: Balance game
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this gam is very hard.... what you have to do is to balance the ball on the rod and play a game of alleyway at the same time!!!

my best time is about 15 secs
mine was 25.056 secs..lolx..
not bad..xD
19.899.. man.. this is quite challenging.. nice.. will try again tmr morning..
20.078 secs...

eh... i thought it was kind of funny... i made the balance ball flew up in the sky once... hahaha
Thanks for the link, Harry! After a few attempts, I could only get 17 seconds so I'm as smart as Paris Hilton. Woohoo!!!! :clap:
approx 21 sec T_T
omg 19.989 !! haha this is fun xP
i played again and i got 26.967~! lols
jesus...its such a hard game.
i got 16.852 first, and my second time, i got 23.655!!
26.332 second try >_<
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