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Full Version: Paperplane Flash Game
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This is an annoying game that my friend is addicted to. He got a score of 112.x whereas I can't even get out of the damn office window after many attempts LOL. Maybe you guys are better at it.
Omg you BRAT! Haha. I got 91m =.=
LOL I'm so bad at this game my farthest was 3.79m XD.

*Edit* Dam I was so close to getting out of that window!!
33 ==
I got 93.647! LOL
The 'awww' is annoying Rolleyes
37m.. man.. this is boring..
89.793 Rolleyes
I thought I was good at games too Rolleyes
and.. I got 1s and 2s and 3s before LOL
not bad la..xD
Thanks for the link, Ray! It took me so many attempts to get the plane out the window that, at one point, I was so frustrated I wanted to throw myself out the window! LOL

In the end I got 65.417.
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