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Full Version: Sammi Cheng - 07 07 07 - MGM Grand Garden Arena
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Who went?

my opinion.

ok. just to tell from the start. i wasnt a fan of sammi anyway. but i had tickets haha like i do with every concert. Her performance probably wasnt bad. I only knew 2 songs throughout the entire concert. Concert seemed kind of short. Little less than 2 hours long. Encore was weak. The first guy she asked to go up to sing a song. OMG i could do better BSing the lyrics (since i didnt know her songs and cant read chinese). 2nd guy. was ok but i could probably do better. o well was funny watching tho.
So I guess you had fun?
I think Sammi concerts would be pretty fun because she's funnyyyyy and her singing is of course better than good.
I hopes she comes to Sydney next year!
Lol yeah Sammi's quite a funny person. She makes fun of her fans too during her concerts XD.
Hope you had fun at the concert!
yah shes a funny person. Screwed around with the first person she picked up badly lol. when she picked the second one, shes like "Wahhh gum doh yum seung seung lei bei ngoh wan ah" or something lol

i always have fun at concerts. whether its someone i am a fan of or not =P
ya, her concert in Toronto was amazing, the audience was really crazy after the fast song medley and the encore Big Grin
i went to the las vegas one! it was such a good (but short) concert! i've been a fan of her since forever, so i know all of the songs in the concert! i had a blast...i wish the audience would've gone more crazier during the fast was kinda weird because i was really "high" and excited, but the people around me were all calm and was kinda mood-killing lolol

i am going to compare joey's lv concert with sammi's:

joey's stage sucked, while sammi's stage had very flashy lights and special effects and confetti...sammi's concert was in an auditorium while joey's was in a ballroom...

sammi's securities were extremely strict...people started to rush during the end for the shake hand part, but only the vip section could shake hands with sammi....joey's securities were useless LOL

overall, joey's concert's atmosphere were more happy and excited while sammi's was kinda quiet, until the very end

joey's live singing > sammi's live singing (but it was pretty damn good LOL)
sammi's dancing > joey's dancing (but then large part of sammi's concert was based on fast songs, therefore she could show off her dancing skills more)

sammi talked a lot (well, more than joey)...joey didn't really say much (could be good, could be's a concert so an artist should focus on singing, but fans want to know some personal stuff too)..

overall, joey's and sammi's were both good LOL

anyway, after the concert, my sister and i waited (along with 15 more fans) for sammi to come out...i thought sammi wouldn't come out "the audience way" but then she we all went crazy and the securities got all mad =.= one group of lucky fans got to take a pic with sammi, but the she left in a hurry to a restaurant..people waited outside of the restaurant too, but then people decided it was kinda not worth it since sammi will leave in a secret passage, so we all just went home LOL good time good time...hehehe
i think that the big screen that displayed the video clips made a big difference. cuz Sammi's concert in HK had those video clips/patterns (i didn't go to the HK one, but i saw it on youtube), so they took advantage of it and just used those videos and projected it on a big screen in the middle. i thought that this was a very smart way to make a low budget stage look really nice. also, i think that those video clips made the concert flow really well, it was really a show Big Grin
u guys took any pics or recorded any videos?
u know i always do. =P
Thanks for telling us your experiences, guys! Being a Sammi fan, it kills me to not be at the concert! It sounds as though the concert was pretty good.

SilverHawk422 Wrote:sammi talked a lot (well, more than joey)...joey didn't really say much (could be good, could be's a concert so an artist should focus on singing, but fans want to know some personal stuff too)..

Yeah SilverHawk, I always enjoy it when the singer talks to the audience, whether about emotional stuff or to tell jokes. Sounds as though you had a lot of fun! Smile

One person posted quite a few clips of the Toronto concert: