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Full Version: any idea wad song is this?
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i downloaded it with da title 'break up dont b too sad' n by searching for ella koon i don think this song is by her?
Oh i know this song.. It's ??????? (Unfortunately he has a girlfriend) from Niki Chow
m J.. do you have the chinese title of the ella koon son gyou looking for? i may have it..
oh.thanx no.16..xD

@ candy..actually im just searching for her songs..any song is avaiable then i dl..lolx
ohhhh i smell a ella fan lol. she only got 3 albumns, which one you have/haven't got yet?
3?i tot 2..lolx..
dat's da prob..i havent got any of it yet..
been searching for it since like..i donno how many months ago..
dats y i dl it..while searching..=/
huh?? 3?? i thought one only.. haha.. oh yeah.. now i think there are 3..

oh yeah.. there are 3.. can check from here... i hate the new yahoomusic.. no real link.. oh.. haha.. found the diret link..