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Full Version: Onion Club avatars and emoticons
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[Image: 303425001182214504.gif]
Here's some Onion Club avatars and animated GIF emoticons.

Don't you gotta love this creature?! Perhaps we'll get these implemented on JG emoticons as soon as 123 stops being lazy. only joking, that's being unfair to her because she has exams atm (only one left though, good luck!) and she loves Onion too Big Grin

In case you don't know how to save all the images at once (like somebody here Rolleyes), simply let the page finish loading in your browser and save the page to your computer by pointing to File > Save As.
LOL Ray! I wonder who was that dodo who didn't know how to save it the easy way Rolleyes

Yeah, these are sooo cute. I might think about adding them. But JG's background colour is not exactly WHITE, so it may not look its best on here. On the other hand, JF have these too, so adding them on JG might look a little copied haha. Oh well.
Wow, so many cute pics! Thanks for posting, joeyyungfan! (Or should I call you Ray since that is the best name in the whole Universe! LOL)

When I found JG to be down yesterday during lunch, this was me [Image: 5B574B0B5186CD466D51F0DCF981ED9B.gif]

When JG was still down just before I went to bed, this was how I felt: [Image: 6820A34315CE15DD28F7325E47CED6F6.gif]

Right now, this is me:[Image: 59ADF14F65E1CFD3EBF178818F2D3488.gif]
LOL Ray! welcome back JG!

and hoorah 123 has finished her exams ~ nudge nudge!

[Image: 20C77408B5558FFC2348A8525CB7B3FE.gif][Image: 94AEF5BEDCF4644D8B2DE39E4A2831B0.gif]
this is me all the time
[Image: 6820A34315CE15DD28F7325E47CED6F6.gif]
I want to sleep
LOLL Ray! Or... RayS Rolleyes

Ray, those emos you used to describe yourself can be applied to me too! Except it was not over JG haha!

[Image: 89CE3CC5D55D5745B42FE21289F8AE7F.gif]
lol i love this guy Tongue
onion is it's name?? then it's really weird.. but lol.. cute cute..
^ because its head is in the shape of an onion. [Image: 20BB3E69387DF0C5B985A1726E9D50F3.gif]
these emoticons are so cute!
thanks for the link.
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