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Full Version: Maze
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man this maze is bloody hard but i got there in the end.....the prize is quite rewarding towards the boys Tongue please don't spoil the ending by saying anything.

it's quite fustrating.... you can't touch the walls and you have to get it to the red area.
i give up :angry: just post the ending Rolleyes
I'll try this after my exams! thanks for posting

I'll comment and edit this post afterwards
i think u should take back ur 'thanks' before actually trying it, lol.
I've just seen the "prize" at the end and I didn't like it at all so I'm not going to thank you, Harry! Big Grin I'm actually tempted to say something extremely rude to you but I don't want to spoil my cute image! LOL
LOL rsung you deter me. and oh let me say that every time I read your posts, there's always an element of humor / cheekiness / randomness that makes me laugh.

Thanks for the link harryc, I've played a few of games of this sort and I've never had the patience to finish any :o
haha, very challenging. and the prize was nice lol
LMAO..this game is all over youtube...'s not for the faint hearted Rolleyes
LOL. I knew what it was by the name of the topic. I've never tried, it looks too challenging for me LOL done with da maze in less than 10 sec..*cheating tho*..Rolleyes
n i hate d *prize*
its been a long time i fall for all this..-.-"
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