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Full Version: ringtones + cell phones
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anyone got any good ringtones?

any new ones by joey anyone made?

or any other artist? like janice.. or oldies like jacky cheung or hacken lee.. ???

oh. what cell phone does everyone have? =D
I've got a Samsung D900:

[Image: IMG_0268.jpg]

I don't use any ringtones though so I just set it to vibrate instead. I always have the phone in my pocket so I can enjoy the vibration! Big Grin
Nice! thats my mom's phone... if that means anything.. XD

dam u. u took a picture... *goes to take a picture of mine.. >.<


[Image: IMG_2868.jpg]

Nokia E65 using samsung sgh e730..

as for my ringtones..itz just nth special..i juz take a song..n cut da part i wan and put it in my phone then set it as ringtone..lolx
ick i just noticed i took a picture of my cell phone on top of my ticket. >_>

everyone have samsung... i wanted to get the samsung u600 at first... it looks hellla nice.. but battery life is like 1/2 of most phones due to it being the current slimmest phone...
lol this is too freaky now Ray.. hahah.. i have the same mobile as you.. but im on t-mobile.. and my background is the close up album cover... rigntone on my phone.. well im on vibrate most of the time as im in school... but my ringtone is the chorus from edison chens song -war

ive got music on my phone and for ringtones.. i just split tracks.. like if i wanted a joey song id split the track and get the section i want, then id bluetooth it to my phone and use it as a ringtone... who needs official ringtones when you can do it that way =P
lol.. i keep my phone on vibrate mode cuz it's troblesome to change it just cuz i'm in school.. end up i keep forgetting where i put it... lol.
iandroo, where is that pic of joey on ur cell phone from?
its sexy aint it ;]

i just googled it. lol