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Full Version: nOOb Hacker Test :P
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try this test... lol it's quite hard... i managed to get through it in 20 mins..... you guys try it out.
Thanks for the fun puzzle, Harry! Smile I did some basic website coding a few years ago at work so that probably helped in the puzzle. It took me about 2 minutes to get to the end:

whoaaa...2mins??i tryed for like 20 mins for the 4th level n i still couldnt get it..
am i suppose to just guess the username and stuff???
done in 1-2 minutes. fairly easy. nothing too major. as long as you can read, its fine lol
oo..wait nvm i got it...yay!! ima offical noob hacker..
cant..get level 3 Sad
took me around a min or 2 also...
can someone help me with level 2 :o
level 2 is

user: poserdude

pw: 314159265358 (pi without the decimal)

u can find that when u go to view > source. now someone help me with level 3
*spoiler!* (??)

^look at the address bar... just change from incorrect to correct
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