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Full Version: STARCRAFT II Trailer @ Worldwide Invitational
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10 years time... ==''
^ You mean the clip took 10 years to load rofl. Actually, I closed it in the end cause it didn't even load. Anyways, I played starcraft a few times during the course of my life. I still like warcraft more. I used to hate these types of strategic games, but now I'm starting to get into them.
LOL finally. I heard it'll come out "sooner or later"......10 years ago i heard that, 9 years ago i heard that, 8,7,6,5 years ago i heard that. And finally.....its going to come 2 years. ROFL.
lol... warcraft is ok... but i think frozen throne is better... i dun touch warcraft 3 anymore... :o..


never played this game before :O
you should try it. its like the father of stratigic games lol.
i used 2 play starcraft..n i do use some cheat..LoL..when i try not 2 play cheat..somehow i juz go like..nvm la..1 cheat only..da next moment i'll touch another..-.-"..

as for warcraft n stuff..i don touch it..but my bro do..=/
lol... somehow the computer is faster.. so i just cheat... and i keep running out of wood or money.. so sad..
yeah, a lot of my friends did play Starcraft..
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