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Full Version: what is meant by . . .
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"gar yum" ??? like in singing? wen ppl say lots of gar yum??
Is it falsetto? Copied from a dictionary:

an unnaturally or artificially high-pitched voice or register, esp. in a man.
^ LOL nice ray...

our music teacher told us that only guys have falsetto, and that it has something to do with folding your vocal chords or something.
Folding your vocal chords? O.O
I know Leo does a lot of falsetto =D.


falsetto for a guy is just to use just the front part of his vocal chords and leave the back part unclosed
really, i wanna hear how it sounds! i still dont get how u can do it. . .
hmm..i think theres this falsetto thing in hacken's "Goe Mui" song
lol, only guys have falsetto? I think so too.. I guess with girls, their falsetto isn't the same as guys
Doesn't miriam use falsetto?
Joey uses falsetto too...
girls can do falsetto too!
Eason and Justin are good at doing falsettos
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