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Full Version: FAKE China Joey!!
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on a tvb channel two nights ago, there was like a show about this stupid imitation.

she was posing as a tennis player and it was so disgusting. then the reporters ask her why she thinks she looks like joey. she says her face and her eye expression "aan san". but NO WAY. that one is so ugly!! fake joey also said she might move to hong kong to further her career. and here is the funny part... the people asked her to sing a joey song, so she TRIED to sing "my pride". note the word TRIED. her voice is hoarse and annoying... she sang "i can FIEEEEEE im singing in da sky ga si ngoh yau kei jik..." then she runs off the screen when she realises how bad she is.

her voice and cantonese accent is so annoying... aargh


omgg LOL i saw it toooooo!! HAHAHAHAHAHA man...then she goes on abt how she thinks she sounds like faye wong...i mean GIVE ME A BREAK LOL

so offensive...she goes "oh soo sorry i forgotten lyrics" i realised..she got jibbed tooth as well


Some people can be so short sighted you know that? LOL... man... her voice and lyrics =="
LOL!!! what do u kno?? I SAW IT TOO!!!!! hahaha.. mannn... i saw it 2 times! once on the net.. and then the next day..on tv >< mann.. she is SOO FUGLY and annoyinggg.. ewww.. and her voice annoys me! and she thinks shes soooooo pretty! sooo confident about her looks and stuff... omg... go home la... SAU PEI la!! haha... and she sounds so extra fobby. and she forgot the lyrics to my pride.. and then she pretends to be so cute.. "ohh.. im soo sorry i forgot the lyrics".. blah blah.. so fake man.
agreed, she's a fag man

haha notice when she asked them if she sounded like faye they cut her off lolll stupid girl


OMG... i want to see this! so that i can laugh at that stupid hymaphroditic person :!:
lol it's on cinple phil >< don't u go everyday?
yah..i saw it too...i think the fake joey was bagging our joey in a indirect the thing she said....

and that company is stupid to hire her for a commercial...they must be too despo and don't have enough money to hire the REAL joey


WayqUp Wrote:lol it's on cinple phil >< don't u go everyday?
lol... no, that's y i told you guys that i can't be a mod... Rolleyes
lol, i thought you did Rolleyes
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