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Full Version: Stephy's new song live
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I got this from a HK forum...Stephy sang ??? live but she went out of tune.


I heard someone say he listened to the live version and wanted to out the song LOL... i understand now
lol if you remember alex and stephy in tvb awards this just 2006, it was horrible. at least the songs version
stephy stephy stephy .... *shakes head*

that live was comment =.=
oh... I think the recorded version will sound pretty good.. her live was um... yeah..
i heard the studio's really good..haha
Snowy Wrote:i heard the studio's really good..haha

*looks to the side*
Stephy can do betttttterrrr
the song is good *slaps chron*


she sounded like she was tone death
The studio version of this song is great..but this live version is just bad. Hope she does better next time.
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