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Full Version: Yumiko Loses Pants & Reveals Thong
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"TVB's Annual Charity Show- Yumiko Cheng Loses Pants & Reveals Thong"

[Image: 1210enew01b2.jpg]

[Image: 1210enew01b1.jpg]

In an acrobatic performance at TVB's 《 歡 樂 滿 東 華 2006 》(aka Foon Lok Moon Tung Wah), Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi's pants got pulled off by Chin Ka Lok, revealing her thong! This left the audience shocked beyond words! Despite losing her pants, Yumiko retained a clear mind and calmly pulled her pants up afterwards.

TVB held its annual charity show 《 歡 樂 滿 東 華 2006 》yesterday. Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi grabbed all news headlines yesterday when her pants got pulled off during an acrobatic performance. Yumiko was performing with Chin Ka Lok and Kenny Wong last night for the fundraising event.

In her first acrobatic attempt, Yumiko failed to perform the stunt as planned. On her second performance, Chin Ka Lok [accidentally] pulled off her pants revealing Yumiko's underwear. The audience and hosts were shocked and didn't know how to react.

Afterwards, Amanda S. and Nancy Wu Ding Yan immediately gave Yumiko clothes to cover her up. Kenny and Chin Ka Lok rushed up to console her. Yumiko kept her head bowed and started crying, rushing quickly backstage. Nancy Wu also cried as a result of Yumiko's exposure.

Chin Ka Lok explained afterwards, "We tried our best in our performances tonight. Technically, the stunt was performed perfectly. But we never expected that due to the design of the outfits, such a [wardrobe malfunction] would occur."

Did Chin Ka Lok feel awkward as a result of what happened? "I was most concerned about Yumiko's safety during the performance. Since the performance is for charity purposes, hopefully [the media] will not turn this into an ugly [gossip] feature. When Yumiko's first attempt did not succeed, we didn't think she would try again! We are proud of her tonight!"

One of the hosts for the event, Nancy Sit Ka Yin didn't know how to react to Yumiko's incident and felt uncomfortable afterwards. Nancy felt it would have been more appropriate for Yumiko to wear shorts rather than long pants for the performance. Yumiko's performance received the sponsorship from Gigi Fu Ming Hin and 3 other sponsors, raking in a total of $650,000 (HKD) in funds. It was the performance which collected the most money for the night.

Joey Yung Cho Yi also performed difficult stunts for her segment. She had to walk on hot coals surrounded by fire. When Sun Boy'z carried Joey across the hot coals, she cried out in alarm.Joey said afterwards that she was afraid that due to the bright fire light, that the three of them would run unsteadily and that she would fall on the ground. Joey hung on tight to Sun Boy'z. "This event raised $400,000 (HKD), so I was quite satisfied. However the winds were very strong tonight, which impacted my fire hoola hoop performance."


omg i feel so bad for her! and the guy in the 2nd pic is smiling while looking at her
I saw this news too, I hope Yumiko is okay.
There's a youtube clip of this.... it was REALLY Scary man


o so THIS is what happened... ! :eek: no wonder everyone was talking about it...
omg this is really sad awwwwwwww...feel sorry for yumiko T.T
Thanks for the news spoiledbrat. Yeah, hope Yumiko is OK and also the media don't make the matter any worse for her. It's great that she made so much money for charity though.
oh my god ....
feel so sorry for Yumiko, its normal to see girls in bikini stuff but its def not normal to see in actualy underwear >< sh!t poor Yumiko


you see that guy in the black... he looks like he's about to drool or something...
yeah, i've read this very late last night too
poor girl, hope the reporters wont' bother her that much..
lol its like front pag entertainment section of MingPao
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