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Full Version: Who is your favourite host?
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so who is your favourite host (in TVB)?
who do you think is a natural and deserves your respect?
dodo, eric (jung ji wai), natalis (ah lek - i think that's his english name), fei jeh (forgot her english name), liza wang, ah lo (lam hui fung) or Amigo? other - please state xD
LOL is ah leks english name natalis......

man thats such a unique name, never heard of it

I like umm that lady, koo lo ban ?

something lo baan, shes really elegant
Haha, I never knew Ah Lek's English name is Natalis! I voted for him because he's funny without being rude/cruel like Eric, and he speaks very well.

Rain, are you referring to Koo Gay Gwun? Yeah, she's pretty good as well.
i think so, shes pretty rich right? I saw this show where she was cooking food
and thought she looked pretty good doing it, she's an ok host, not as funny as the others but I like her elegance
JOEY FAN Wrote:fei jeh (forgot her english name)
fei jeh is Lydia sum, if not mistaken.
Hmmm I don't really have a favourite host, I would rather you ask me who is the host I hate most LOL


Host as in the charity/award shows or as in like TVB Variety shows?

Nat Chan or Dodo. I guess. Not Liza Wang.
For variety shows, Fiona Yuen on Gourmet Secret Agent
Not really sure who I should vote for..I'll vote later when I figure out who I should vote for.
I say as a host.. dodo cheng.. she's just naturally talented.. though she did put Myolie into the "awkward moment".. but it's probably part of tvb "plans" Rolleyes

okay, I have to admit that Eric Tsang is naturally talented too.. but sometimes he's just over it.. plays too high... and tends to diss people a lot.. he even joked about how short this girl was (5 feet) well.. he isn't any better... =.="


^ I know what you mean WW about Dodo and the TVB Anniversary show. I was like whyyyy would she say that to Myolie? Not only was she put on the spot, Ada, Gigi and Sheren were. I felt so bad for them cuz they're probably like...what do I say....
i like Dodo the best. in terms of talking, its really between Dodo and Eric, but i don't like Eric because of *certain* reasons, so i choose Dodo.

lol, the myolie thing was a joke, i doubt she knew about it. if she did, it was probably TVB's plan. i felt bad for Myolie for Ada, Gigi, and Sheren, dat was funny, haha
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