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Full Version: Hacken's wedding
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I heard that Hacken has announced his wedding will be at the end of this month. However, Joey said she couldn't go because she'll be in North America with her concert tour Sad
yes 28th is the date
Wow, thanks for the info guys. Yeah, I remember he said on the 'Be My Guest' TVB program a few months ago, the wedding would be at the end of the year and he wanted it to be a private affair.

All the best to Hacken and his wife! Smile
congratz hacken Big Grin
awww.. joey can't attend Sad she said she was going to at the beginning of the year.. but due to her busy schedule she can't attend.. what a pity


CONGRATS hacken =D
wow...congrats to hacken...wish he and his wife all the best...
wow i think itz kinda sad that joey cant attend.
but congradulations to hacken
congrats too Hacken! ya, too bad Joey won't be able to go, but den nov.28 is only a rumour, cuz Hacken so far has refused to admit it every time the media asked him.
Congrats Hacken~ Too bad Joey can't attend..
Congrats to Hacken and his fiancee (however u spell)
omg i knowwww farr Joey can't go cos of the North America tour >< Joey wanted to attend cos Hacken's her good friend, she said if she's in HK she would've dropped all her work and go to his wedding, too bad she's miles away across the other side of the globe! but she'll still send them a pressie ^^
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