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Full Version: TVB actor awards 2006!
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Wow, they are out now! happy that Kevin won Big Grin

Best Actor: Kevin Cheng (Under the Canopy of Love)
Best Actress: Charmaine Sheh (Maidens' Vow)
Best Supporting Actor: Kenny Wong (The Dance of Passion)
Best Supporting Actress: Shirley Yeung (Always Ready)
My Favourite Male TV Character: Steven Ma (Safe Guards)
My Favourite Female TV Character: Charmaine Sheh (Maidens' Vow)
Most Improved Male Artiste: Kenneth Ma
Most Improved Female Artiste: Linda Chung
Best Host: Sammy Leung (15/16)
Best Series: La Femme Desperado
Best Variety Show: Beautiful Cooking
Best Creativity: On the Road
Best Foreign Production: Pankun & James
Best Promotional Clip: Miss Chinese International 'Ultimate Beauty'
Most Admirable Production: On the Road
Distinguished Performance Award: Chung King Fai

[Image: ul-52.jpg]
Though, I'm a huge Myolie fan, I really don't think this year is Myolie's "time" yet.. she's still not ready.. so congrats Charmaine.. but wow.. 2 awards? lol
woo hoo!!! my prediction for best female actress was right!!! anyways, i'm not like a fan of myolie nor charmaine, but then as mich said i didn't think it was myolie's "time" to win yet...

i'm actually quite surprised that Kevin won, it was like soooo unexpected, ppl were saying either Joe, Damien, or Bowie. but owell, i guess he's good too.
I reckon Myolie deserved at least one award.
I'm glad Charmaine and Kevin won ^^ I admire both of them.
Im happy La Femme Desperado won!! omg love this series! esp with Ray in it
Ray was so hot at the anniversary xD
Joe Ma was so confident before the anniversary that he's gonna win...hahaha
Yea! Steven Ma won!!! Everyone celebrate! :bday: :bday:


CHARMAINE OMG I LOVED HER in both Dance of PAssion and Maiden's Vow... first episode was SO GOOD

HAHAHAA FEI TIN HAY SEE didn't get anything
Yes. Charmaine's acting is good, but I dun really like her... (And Kelvin too)... <-- My opinion.
Prefer Shirley Yeung. Smile
Charmaine acted really good in the show...coz I watched the show when I was in HK.
Yay~ Charmaine won, I think Charmaine's acting was really good in Maidens' Vow. I really liked how the story was introduced in the first episode. Congrats Charmaine~ =)
yay charmaine won! hopefully myolie will win something next yr
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