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Full Version: Joyce's new blog
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Shes not hot, but she looks a lot better now.

I dont like Lydia Sum, I reckon shes a bitch. She favours the people she like all the time (it shows a lot in her game shows). And unfortunately, her daughter is worst than her. But even though I dislike Lydia, I still hope she will be fine.


I like fei jie wor Smile
I'm neutral, dont' dislike fei jie, dont especially like her either ^^ nonetheless i'm glad she made it =D
fei jie is such a hoi sum gwor ^^ <3 i love her laughter, makes me laugh
joyce who? joyce Tang?
Or the one who acted in Vietues of Harmony?
Sry for the many replies. I saw it. But I thought that she(Joyce) was actually quite fat?!

PS: I agree, who wants to know abt her...
Did anyone read her blog about losing weight and showing a picture of her when she was fat? I think she is trying to get the media's attention coz everytime she posted a new blog, the newspaper would report what her blog says...
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