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Full Version: SHAYNE WARD!!!!
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for the attention of all the non uk'ers....if u've seen jsg awards,u will know this guy.....
anyways just wana share some clips with u, if u havent heard,lemme know what u guys think if him ^^
i saw some of that x factor show

i thought he was kinda similar to gareth gates?

i like his cover of "unchained melody"


sounds awesome! Big Grin gotta go find some more stuff about him
yup i know who he is
one of his songs is really good, forgot the name though
lolll stop falling in love with the same men as me pauline!!! i fell in love with him after JSG awards too LOL
i love No Promises, That's My Goal, and his versions of All my Life and What About Me.
he is HOT too
[Image: salbumposteroz8.jpg]
[Image: sgorgeouscy1.jpg]
[Image: srecordingeditedlr7.jpg]
i hope he grows his hair xD but his baldness is hot too
JSG awards? does anyone have that clip Tongue

he does look good Big Grin love his eyes, hot!! <3

his singing.. it's really good Big Grin
WaterWonders Wrote:JSG awards? does anyone have that clip Tongue

Here it is WaterWonders:

Thanks for the clips Pauline. I watched the show every week and I always enjoyed his performances.
^ thanks rsung...

his performances are really amazing.. =) he's hot too Big Grin

oh btw, does anyone has his album they can upload Tongue ?
I saw him in a newspaper article the other day about his autograph session in HK and the fans were all hugging him and taking photos. xD
Eww.. Fly me to the moon is a gay song
The lip synching at JSG awards is gay though. Wonder why he lip synched thats my goal. Probably TVB's idea Rolleyes

Shayne is hot though with really good falsetto too o.O He has the whole package xD