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Full Version: Nic and Cecilia
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i just read in the news that Nic admitted that him and cecil have already gotten married :eek:
^ yeah, heard that too.. they've gotten married in philipines or was it thailand? forgot.. but it was very secret.. the reporters just saw a ring on ceci's left ring finger.. and they asked her.. she just kept smiling and never denied it
weird, i swear i posted on this thread already...but for some reason my post dissapeared...

anyways, ya, dats so unexpected! i wouldn't think that they'd get married so fast after getting back together for only a couple of months (unless they were back together for a long time now but was able to keep it a secret for that long).
it was philippines sis ^^ ahahaha
pretty shockinggggg
AHH NOOO OMG...!!!!! i dont like nic with her...DAMMIET!!!!! AHH!H!H!H!H!!H!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!
nic is hot
she is not
lol, there rumours that they might have a baby too >.<
here's a news article regarding those two

Credits to: Crienglish

Sept 30, 2006
Hong Kong pop star Nicholas Tse has confirmed the widely-spreading rumors about his marriage to his movie star girlfriend Cecilia Cheung.

Some Hong Kong media have reported that Nicholas Tse returned Hong Kong from central China's Zhengzhou City yesterday. When asked if he had married Cecilia, Nic replied that he appreciated their interest in his wife. He also showed the reporters a ring on his third finger.

The couple was reported to be back together after their cooperation in the movie "The Promise."
oo theres an online betting site to guess when they will split
^ really.. what are the guesses so far? :laugh2:
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