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Full Version: Kenny Kwan
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mmm, ok, recently I heard his new album and it was pretty good~ better than his last two albums. His singing has improved and the song selections in this CD are pretty good.

So what do you guys think about him? XD
I'm okay with him, but more towards the liking side Big Grin his singing has improved =)
hes really really hot...he looked so hot in joeys concert..

but about his singing i dunno i havent really heard him sing before except the time at joeys con..can some1 send him some of is songs plz??
YAY! he's my fav male singer. I tink he really has talent n he's damn handsome. In term of singing,he manage it very well too.
Yeah, his singing has improved. I was saying this to someone the other day.
Kenny's cool, i got all his album his singing has improved a lot which is great!!
Kenny is cute, singing has improved but still more room for improvement. He still sounds like he has asthma when he sings. Mie Wo Sagashite (o0o0o love the Jap name so sophisticated), don't think it's better than his last two albums. I like his very first album.
I liked this album more than his last two albums lol. I liked some songs from his last album too. I really like the duet of Kenny and Gill from the last album~