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Full Version: [REQ] yeen ha - joey yung
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i really really want this song. im not sure how to spell in chinese so if u have this pls upload for me. Thanks in advance


if u dont want to buy the cd, u can get it for $1 USD.


What album is it from???
give love a break


I suggested the $1 thingy cuz that's what i costs for a legal DL to buy the song properly. the money is given back to EEG and Joey...

besides... spending $1 on a song is better than buying the whole CD if you want only the 1 song.

anyways, I hope this is clear already. This forum does not allow ANYONE to upload CD ripped MP3s from Joey.

no Joey fan website would allow such a thing, nor should we.


just buy the album, I'm sure you'll enjoy all her songs...Joey's sweet mesmerizing voice
Agree with everyone here.

Give Love a Break has several great songs on it so I would recommend buying it.