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Full Version: EEG changed its website
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check it out
only like the Joey slide
yea.. i visited the website few days ago and everything changed. it's more like Emperor Group webpage instead of EEG's.. i wonder why..


arghh so hard to navigate not used to it the old 1 was better!!
^yeah the old one was slower though
I can't find Joey's page now?



WTH. all this other stuff should be under and not

this does NOT look like a website of a music company... look at the other ones other companies have.. :angry:
I think yesterday, I saw the webpage changed for the 2nd time and now it chanegd back.
yeah man, i was trying to go on eeg website yesterday to get some ideas for my assignment, but then it changed =.=
yea omg i was on the EEG website few days ago 2..but everything was purple..but now it's a different one..n old one was better..'s soooo hard to navigate

took me awhile to realise that the drop down menu doesn't work =.=
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