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Full Version: Uncle on the Bus in HK
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Anyone seen that recent clip on youtube about this man on the bus?

Its funny as.. here it is.. (this is the one with english subtitles LOL)
(warning: a lot of swearing in canto..)

part 2 is here (he got arrested haha):

this man got really famous on youtube.. so many ppl made raps and mv of it haha

other versions:

rap version

uncle on the bus featuring sammi cheng KARAOKE ver (ROFL):

uncle crossover with hacken (haha some ppl are so good at editing and synching)
this ones with i love you boyz in it
ahhh..that uncle is so mo liu..LMAO
i've seen this on EVERY SINGLE FORUM i go to
i havent's een part 2

oh he got arrested? haha

the rap LOL

the hacken one was good editing

omg why was he doing that again? cbs rewatching the vers with english subtitles


omg wots his problem lol? if i was the young man i would lyk kick him out the bus lol
lol, that young guy is very tolerant


omg...i cant belive that guy is talking like that just for little bit of touching on shoulders
he is so low
haha...i saw this off another forum..buh i didn't know he got arrested!haha...good for him..well i thought that teenager was kinda rude in a way too..
why is he called uncle?
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