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Full Version: JAWS concert
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any1 going to JAWS concert that's coming up if any1 is going plz plz take good photos 4 me =] thanks very much
rain, wen and danaru are going i think
dont u think this should be posted in 'chit chat' or whatever JG Playground forum instead of JOEY's news? LOL by the way, i wont have any chance to go..
yeah im going but Sydney one ^^ gonna take lots of pics and clips, dont u worry ^^

-moves to ent. chat-
i am going..but i dont want to. melb one..i've never seen any performances at that hall though..i hope it's good
o forgot there was one in melb too. where are u from kaki?
australia melbourne
o.O how did u know.

anyways, a little OT here, can u kinda like resize ur sig, evil? its like big. i keep thinking u're posting this pic in every reply u make lol
lol okay i changed it

i know because he goes to the same crap school as i do
HE? omg kaki is a GUY?
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