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Full Version: Another new EEG singer
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Her name is 胡琳 (Bianca) and her debut album will be released in 4th May 2006. Has anyone heard of her yet? I haven't and I don't even know who she is...

產品名稱: Love Note
歌手名稱: 胡琳 (Bianca)
出版日期: 2006年5月4日 (立即預購!Wink
語言: 粵語
重量(連包裝Wink: 150 g
出品商: 英皇娛樂集團 (HK)
YesAsia 產品編號: 1004248410
運費單位: 1 (這是甚麼?)

《Love Note》內容簡介

01. 自由像你
02. 手.心 (feat.林一峰Wink
03. 一杯新鮮的愛 (Pop Jazz版Wink
04. 小心輕放
05. 下不為例
06. 害怕回家
07. 煙灰
08. 什麼不同
09. 一杯新鮮的愛 (Ballad)
10. 喵喵 (國語Wink
11. 翅膀 (國語Wink
12. The Girl From Ipanema
13. Over The Rainbow
OMG haha i know her..i saw her performing near about time she debutedd
Got any downloads to her songs?
yah van...we saw her when we were in hk haha

wow...she is in EEG now...i thought she got debutted already...yah im pretty sure she debuted before..but with a newbie company...i remember seeing her first album in hk
^ omg snowy..i skipped the word they signed her up?? wow..yeah she was with some random company

anyone heard her songs? she's has the "looks" factor..her singing was okay i guess..she was just super shy
super shy eh? she'll grow out of it...
wow shes got the looks! im looking forward to listening and seeing to her
i dont think shes really part of eeg. having an album made physically by eeg, doesnt mean shes part of eeg necessarily. eeg is also part of the cd manufacturing business...
She's NOT part of EEG.
She lives in New York and is signed to an American company.

She debuted at Christmas with 一杯新鮮的愛 Original Version, which saw no effect on the HK public. In fact, it didn't go on a single radio chart, not even 20th place. No one knew who she was.
After 3 months, she replugged 一杯新鮮的愛, but this time a Popjazz version. This version saw her reap of 20 plays or so, which isn't all that great. Still, prolly no one in the HK public knew who she was.

3 weeks ago, 自由像你 was plugged. Every radio chart has her. She even went into the top 10 positions of some of them. Although very little people know her now, at least this song got her some light.

She won't beat Vincy for sure though
lol, i'm confused is she now a part of EEG? or is EEG just helping her American company with distribution or something?


I have no clue who that is. It's weird that her popjazz version didn't have any effect on HK cuz that's Kay Tse style and she's good.
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