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Full Version: Michael Wong | Michael Kong | Guang Liang
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Haha so yeahhh I'm addicted to his songs. lmao What do you guys think about him?

His new album is pretty good too, I like the acoustic version of First Time. The violin sounds so nice XD <3

Right now I'm addicted to "First Time|Di Yi Ci" and "Fairy Tale|Tong Hua"

I know those are old songs but I've never really heard of them til now haha XP
ONCE AGAIN..u fag! so slow..get updated
hahaha fag! spammer! u didn't even talk about him

mm okayyy so wat's "popular" these days? i bet u dun even kno!


I dont really like his songs... his singing... and his voice...

I liked the song "tong hua" but not much else. But even tong hua, he sings with like so little emotion
tong hua - overplayed

his new cd not bad ... i like YUE DING and DOU SHI NI
ahbson Wrote:tong hua - overplayed

his new cd not bad ... i like YUE DING and DOU SHI NI

Same boat as you :boat:
I didn't like YUE DING as much as DOU SHI NI though.
Tong hua is pretty okay Angel
haha yeahh i like dou shi ni as well

yue ding is good, i like tong hua more tho
i loved tong hua, then i got sick of it Big Grin
haha i like heaven tooo
i currently like his song "agreement"
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