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Full Version: Michael Wong | Michael Kong | Guang Liang
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i just downloaded his latest album. then i downloaded his first time album from adz, i saw your post there too wayne. i think im kinda affected by the guang liang plague
waahahah yeahh! i d/led both albums there *RE* good good his songs are good, especially the song 'first time', so addicted to it now, u'd prob have to listen to it a few times XP
i love his songs! i think hes a great singer, ive not heard much from his new album as im still waiting to buy it (im lazy), but what i ahve heard i think its pretty good.... still love his old album though...
yeah, his new cd comes with instrumentals from his past albums, as well as his new one

i really like the violin in 'first time' sooo good <3
i deleted the instrumentals cos i dont listen to
Guang Liang is from Msia... and therefore his songs are super hit here..
in the past, he was in a group with another singer name Ping Guan and their group name was so called Guang Liang Ping Guan.. but after that they splited and become individual singer.. however, Guang Liang is more well-known...
i DID like him..thought TONG HUA was good.....MV was good.....then watched award show ware he sang LIVE.....and kinda put me off him
Phil Wrote:I dont really like his songs... his singing... and his voice...

I liked the song "tong hua" but not much else. But even tong hua, he sings with like so little emotion

that's exactly what i was going to say... not a lot of emotions... =/ that's just my opinion... :o and agree with jackson.. tong hua is DEFINATELY overplayed XD
i dont know..when people said the mv was SUPER sad..i expected it to be..SUPER wasn't even super sad..considering a lot people die of cancer in the end anyway..i thought the mv was about a retarded girl at first..she kinda acted mental while making that tune on the piano..haha that movie they watched was more sad than the mv itself *RE*
LOL wat more did u expect for the mv thoughh how could they make it sadder? i'm not disagreeing i'm jus curious what u find sadder haha
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