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Full Version: Stephy Tang-Black White Photo MV
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Found it at last! yes yes, I know this isnt stephy galaxy but I like this anyway.


~two more days till I can walk!~
thanks for sharing!!!! love stephy too! hehe


thanks! I heard she composed that song or something!


yeah its a really good song...the MV is a little boring tho...still she looks good in it. you can find the MV on youtube too.
thx 4 sharin!! nice song..
Big Grin thanks
joeyfan12 Wrote:thanks! I heard she composed that song or something!

yah..she wrote the lyrics to this song

<3 this song

thx for the mv ^^
thank you for sharing ^^ stephy's becoming really popular nowadays Tongue
thanks! i really like this song
already got this MV and it is a boss song!!! absolutely love stephy Tongue.. not as much as joey...

i have other Stephy MVs if anyone wants them ive got:

Perfect Love
藍鞋子 blue suede shoes
鈴鼓咖啡店 coffee shop
and of course black and white photo ^^
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