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Full Version: Stephy Tang-Black White Photo MV
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could i have them please jay..especially the blue shoes one

thanks Perfect love duet with Alex Fong
Perfect Love Solo
Blue Suede Shoes
Coffee Shop

If any don't work let me know!
thanks jay! for the one with alex!


van Wrote:thanks jay! for the one with alex!

This MV is the cutest!!!
its a really good song, was my favourite off her last album
thanks for sharing jay!!!!! loving stephy ^^


I don't nessary hate stephy I just don't like her. She doesn't have that voice. when she sing duet with Alexfong She doesn't sound real. thats why I love AT better. I like their Duests the best.
Thanks for the vid.


thankz for the vid, enjoying it Big Grin Big Grin
who is she? i guess, I must be really out of date.
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