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Full Version: Do you guys dislike jade kwan?
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those of you that know who she is ... do u dislike her? i mean she's one of joey's competitors for our affection cuz she's around the same age and stuff
Just because someone likes a certain singer doesn't mean we have to dislike the others.


Hairball Wrote:Just because someone likes a certain singer doesn't mean we have to dislike the others.

yep ... i know ... but sometimes there are those that go with one or the other ... i like them both - maybe jade a bit more though


I dont dislike Jade..she's pretty good...
jade is a pretty good singer...and she is from vancouver, i don't hate her...LOL
hmm....i admit, around a year ago...I HATED HER!!! (no offence to her fans) i used to think that she was a joey wannabe. but now....i dont hate her anymore, i guess its cuz i started to realize there isnt a lot of singers dat can sing anymore since she can sing, unlike 80% of the singers now, i guess she's ok now...Smile but joey is still BETTER!!! haha, but dats still onli my opinion


LOL... at one point in time, i asked myself this... cuz in VANCOUVER and canada radio stations just kept on playing jade songs, and never played joey songs (still are like that Sad ) but recently, i looked at the charts in HK, jade's songs aren't doing so well... so i was like.... k, i'm fine with her Tongue


i really like jade, and i think her voice is comparable to joey's and some aspects are arguably better than joey's.

her songs are good too.

but for some reason i still like joey better.
i didnt like jade because i thought from her first three albums most of the songs sounded alike, same tone, same style sooo make me sleep

but i never thought to compare her with joey because i just always thought joey was better.

So far, I haven't seen the competition between Jade and Joey being even, meaning they have equal amount of prestige or whatever in the industry.

Maybe when Jade starts getting more and more popular, I might start to dislike her but she is ok for now, like her songs have a little bit more variety than before

the only thing is, i wish she would stop packing on so much make up....or does she? she always looks so dolled up
lol jade is good
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