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Full Version: Niki Chow The Child Women *New EP*
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Singer/actress Niki Chow is ready to land another winning release with her new EP Child-Woman. She is also one of the talks of the town through her role in the TV drama Under the Canopy of Love that stars her & Kevin Cheng in the leading roles. Certainly among the audience favorites, Niki & Kevin also perform the said TV series' theme song "Please speak" (Track 6). As for Niki's EP, other than this hit duet it also includes the smash ballad "Greeting Heartbreak" (Track 5) and the sizzling hot "Getting Married to You Tomorrow" (Track 1). Offering some more pleasing Canto-pop tunes, Niki's music and acting careers walk hand in hand at the moment.

She's gotten mighty popular since her role in Under The Canopy of Love and her album just dropped 2 days ago. I've given it a listen but IMHO it's nothing too special. "Please Speak", the themesong from that series is pretty good but besides that its nothing special...don't get me wrong the CD is not bad...not by a long stretch but there is nothing in there that makes you go WHOA! lemme hear that again. She's improved and I think her singing is pretty good but a above average album IMO.

Anybody else gave this a listen? What do you think
WOW. Yesasia knows how to really bullshit.
They make an anthill out of everything, and add fake facts.

This EP wasn't as good as it says it is
i just don't realli like niki.. no offense.. don't like her.. don't like her singing.. don't like her acting... she's just ok to me... i don't dislike her or anything..
her last EP was pretty good, shes too skinny though lol
skinny? I thought she was rather on the chubby side. It must've been her face.
chubby???? have you seen her arms? there is less meat on her than a chicken mc nugget!


Haha. I just love the comparison you made, Trash80. Good one.


trash80 Wrote:chubby???? have you seen her arms? there is less meat on her than a chicken mc nugget!

hahah...yeah she is kinda skinny but she has a big face/head which makes her look chubby
sorry i think she looks anorexic


its a good CD non the less
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