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Full Version: Yan Yee
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I found this from another forum. Yan Yee posted her songs up. Her singing is not bad. Have you guys heard her songs before? I heard that a lot of people in her school hate her coz she is trying to be "all that".
nice song but damn cocky in real life haha


is this tavia yeung?
she sings alright actually but i dont like her ever since i saw her swearing on her blog.
i dont blame her school mates for feeling that way, i reckon she thinks shes all that ...
she's too "quai" too hippish and not nice. Her image is not well nomatter how good she sings.
it's not like you will ever get to know her in real who cares about that..and most likely people are probably jealous of her *RE*

oh sounds sooo edited some bits..she has a thick voice..which is nice but if she used less echo in the owuld sound much better

her emotional song wasn't very emotional but she isn't bad
lol no clue who she is doesn't ring a bell


the fat one that got booed when she was snow white in the disney thing

fei fei (lydia sham)'s daughter
i agree, i mean, i can identify joey's voice anywhere. This voice, you could tell me anybody and ill believe.
i dun like her either... she looks unfriendly...
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