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Full Version: Help With Finding An Hk Entertainment Website In English
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does any one know of any site providing hk news in english? my chinese isn't that gd lol
you can try or, both sites provide translated main stories from hk entertainment


^ There's no Joey in the top banner? :O jk. Smile AsianFanatics is really good. Nice community there.
well i change it a lot, she appears from time to time lol
trash80 Wrote:yes mine Smile

hahah!! nice site.. that was what i was going to joey @ the top? Tongue hehe.. Smile

thx for the sites ^____^

haha.. i just read an article on ur blog.. and it stated that janice was one of the brightest cantopop star.. hmmm... i unno... i'm ok with janice...but personally.. i don't like her that that much.. some ppl say she can sing really well.. but imo.. she can sing.. but at times..overrated..


Sometimes Janice's voice goes high like when it's not suppose to during live perfs but all in all she has a nice voice.

It's AsianFanatics.NET not com Smile
well she is one of the brightest cantopop stars whether you like her or not, 100000 CDs sold and those newcomer awards will do
nice site chris
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