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Full Version: [Request] Wilber Pan - Bu De Bu Ai (Have To Love)
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anyone have the mp3 of this that they can upload? =/ thxs

Wilber Pan - Bu De Bu Ai (Have To Love)
i like this song 2!!^^ hehe.. Big Grin
Will Pan feat. Xian Zi - Bu De Bu Ai.

here is the mp3:

here is the lyric in w/ pingying
[Image: wilberpanbudebuai1il.gif]

English Translation

Song Title: Gotta Love You

Artist: Wilber Pan (Pan Wei Bo)

① (Girl) I need your love everyday
(G) I’ll let you guess what I’m thinking
(G) I love you
(G) I want you to let me live a splendid life every day
(G) You say it [I love you] every day
(G) What exactly is true love?
(G) I love you
(G) How much did you really love me? Your words are faster than I can imagine

(Wilber) Is it that we have too many and too rich in emotions?
(W) Or is there a pre-arrangement by God?
(W) Were we meant for each other?
(W) Or are we just can’t stand to be too nice?
(W) There was one time that you didn’t come to the date
(W) And I cried like a baby
(W) Are we too eager to prove that I’m alive?
(W) Or is it that I don’t like to be doing nothing?
(W) Oh! Baby

② (Together) Gotta love you
(W) Otherwise how can I have happiness?
(T) Gotta love you
(W) Otherwise sadness starts to fill me up
(T) Gotta love you
(W) Otherwise I will lost my future
(T) It’s as if I can’t help myself and I can’t be myself and felt I’m a loser
(T) But I’m having a splendid day every day

Repeat ①

(W) (Rap)
I ask girlfriend how you been
It has come and gone a few times, I’ve never thought of this
That love can become so helplessness. Is it fate?
Is sadness also an arrangement by God?
I have no other way. Day after day, who should I think everyday?
I’m sincere, you’re sincere, however the environment surrounds us can never
Let us keep on this freedom to love each other like this
I’m splendid; you stare into the space, two hearts swinging uncertainly
The future that we should have, is it really that unavailable to us?
I don’t want to hurt you anymore
You’re my girl My girl My friend
How much I love you so so much baby
Watching your sorrow, how can I face it maturely?
I’m sorry you’re my sweetheart
My love My one & only baby

Repeat ②, ①

(W) Will be a little be of helplessness?
(G) Is this a little bit too faster?
(T) But the love you give me
(T) Let me develops the habit of dependence
(T) Fill the heart with the rhythm of love

Repeat ①
this song started out great with the female voice but once wilber pan steps in, it just ruined the song
so this wilber pan guy.... any chinese translation? his name in chinese?