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Full Version: Guang Liang's Tong Hua MV
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i remember there being a topic on this song a while ago and ive got the MV so i thought id share it with everyone else who likes this song!!


Song (Mp3)
thanks!! i've been looking for this song
ive got the song if you want that ill put it up here.. that ones the MV
thanks jay! yeah if you could post that as well
van Wrote:thanks jay! yeah if you could post that as well

Haha its ok.. ok ive put it up!
thanks jayjay!! love this song
is that 光良-童話
OMG I LOVE THIS SONG< I've been finding it since the TVB8 award and has only found it a couple of weeks ago., THanks for the MV JJ
Dengero Wrote:is that 光良-童話

yeah it is Big GrinBig Grin!!


now will someone tell me who the girl in the MV is???
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