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Full Version: JSG Top Gold Award
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i don't know if any likes this song or if they have it but i thought it was a great song and i wanted to share it hehe... well its here if anyone wants it!


tks! that won best song of the year...i havent heard it yet...sure to be good!
hahaha thanks

i really like this song..expected that it woudl get gold song *RE*
thx Tongue i like this song Big Grin it's nice!! the mv is just "ok" tho =/
i really like this song!!!! i actually like this more than eason's "how wonderful sunset is"......glad it won the top gold song ^^
yeah i have this song but thanks, yeah i agree with waters, mv wasn't outstanding


Can someone reupload the song again or sent it to me at:
LoveTVB_4ever Wrote:Can someone reupload the song again or sent it to me at:

do u have msn? i can send it to u through there.. Tongue or i can re-u/l the song again and post it on jg Tongue