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Full Version: Insanely talented girl
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it's all safe

i see the i want to know the title of the show..

is this for real? hahahaha
it says sina cause its news from sina lol

man.. even i sing better than her hahah. but the funny thing is that she looked so confident the whole time LOL
she made the news? LOL..i knew she was special..

confidence is an important factor..but oh man...that's about all she has LOL

aww she's so's like she doesnt realise how horrible it really naive!!!

but nothing people clapped at the end!

if anyone knows the title of the show..can you please tell me..i really want to know which show had the guts to let this poor soul come on
lol u're so meannnn. at least shes brave enough to sing.. unlike u van Rolleyes so u have no rights to bag her in any way!! Confusedhame:
woah..who's this girl?

i can't listen to it >< buffers every 2 secs ><

she does look confident Tongue
o god.......from the first couple of seconds.....i couldn't stand her anymore....reminds me of denise for some reason
WTH is this lol


LMAO.....OMG...this is too much to's like...harassment to my ears....this show reminds me of when American Idol let William Hung sing LOL....
LOL, this is so mean, but omgosh, it was SO FUNNI!!!! i was literally ROFLing wen i was watching this. the funniest thing is her confidence

BUT, u guys r right. the thing that she has better than other ppl is bravery and confidence. so i REALLY applaud her for that.
i dont think she can hear herself..LOL. poor girl, she thinks she good, i hope someone tells her shes not that good, people are slack for not telling her. You do sing better than her Newbie, i would like to see you sing up on stage ^^ woot go newbie!!
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